Court Reporting Agencies

Court reporters, court reporting agencies and videographers network together all over the country every day. What exactly does that mean?

Our experience with networking with other court reporters and court reporting firms has generally been very positive. We are very specific with our instructions while trying not to be overly burdensome with paperwork. We are very specific about the requirements of the deposition and the type of court reporter we will require so there are no surprises for the court reporting agency and reporter who has taken our work. We never misrepresent our payment terms or the rates we will be paying. Our production requirements are clearly set out. Everything is set out upfront.

Therefore, I find it extremely disheartening when we run across an occasional incident where we are not given the same professional courtesies.

We have built our business over many years and
believe in establishing long-term relationships with the court reporting firms and reporters we network with. We will most likely have more work in your area and would like to become a valued client and be treated as such. With such a shortage of high quality work, I am really surprised at the short-sightedness of some reporters, reporting companies. air max 95