Court Reporting Services

Court reporting agencies offer many different types of court reporting services. Court reporting itself, taking down testimony, is being done by different means. Most court reporting agencies offer stenographic transcription. However, there are other means being used to take down testimony, record meetings and court proceedings.

These different type of court reporting methods are a result of shortages of stenographic court reporters in certain areas, cutbacks in funds in the court system and in certain instances type of work, in particular, meetings, where stenographic court reporters are not interested in doing this type of work.

I was particularly surprised recently to find certain areas of our country, which shall remain nameless, where it became almost impossible to cover a meeting which did not involve technical matter and was well organized. We were told by numerous agencies and court reporters that they just don’t do meetings.

Obviously, this opens the door for other methods of producing a final product. We finally did cover our meeting with a stenographic court reporter but it took much hard work to track down a stenotype court reporter. This is the first time we have found an area which had so many agencies and court reporters who would not take meetings. nike air max thea

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