Court Reporter New York

How to get your resume read when applying for a New York City court reporter position? I talked about the cover letter, now usually an email. Briefly, do a little upfront research about the court reporting agency you are sending your resume too. Personalize the cover letter to that particular court reporting agency. Mention something special you honestly feel about them and why you are interested in being considered for them reading your resume. I very rarely get anything personalized. If I got a personalized inquire, the court reporter’s info would be front and center in my mind. This court reporter is really interested in getting a shot at work at our New York court reporting agency and knows something about our history. Very few people personalize their cover letters. The resume should be up-to-date. I got one recently that was really for a job before she finished court reporting school and her interest and experience in court reporting was almost nonexistent. When I questioned more information on the court reporting side of the puzzle, I got, I haven’t had a chance to update my information. How could anybody shut a door so quickly?

I can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research on court reporting firm you are applying to, who the owners are and what the court reporting firm’s type of business is. Once you know the type of business they do, you can emphasize in the resume why you are interested and qualified to do that type of court reporting.

Hope to get some real good court reporter cover letters and resumes for our New York City court reporting agency.