New York Court Reporters

How does a new New York court reporter get that toe in the door of the court reporting agency they have called and sent resumes to? This is what I would do if I were a new court reporter trying to break into a tough New York court reporters market and New York court reporting firms, when there are so many experienced court reporters looking for work and with whom you are competing?

What I would do is express how much I want to work with a particular court reporting firm and why I wanted to work with that firm. First thing is making an impression on how much a chance with this particular court reporting agency means to you. Then I would find out who to call and when and how to stay in contact with this particular person. Everybody likes something different. many court reporters just email their schedule every day to let you know availability. Others call. You should also be honest about your skills. The last thing you want to do id take a court reporting assignment that you are not ready for. There may be certain types of court reporting assignments that you love and that are particularly difficult to cover. For example, some reporters love meetings. Others hate them. We are always interested in a court reporter who will help us with our meetings.