Court Reporters New York City

Unfortunately, recently my New York City court reporting agency had submitted to it by a stenographic court reporter by far the worst transcript I have seen in my 30 plus years in the court reporting industry. Why did we learn of this? The transcript was sent back by a diligent paralegal who sent pages and pages of corrections. When we looked further into this, we realized these are some of the things, yes, hard to believe, that we found. Most proper names were misspelled. There was no spell check done. How in this digital world a court reporter doesn’t take the minute or two to do a spell check is beyond my comprehension. But the most amazing thing this court reporter did was make up words. Our resourceful court reporter would put sounds together and form a word. Actually, this court reporter had quite the imagination of making up words. The damage a court reporter like this does to our court reporting industry is devastating. I personally am horrified and cannot understand how somebody can have such a lack of responsibility for her work product and the profession she represents. I can only imagine how she conducts the rest of her life and in a way anybody which such little respect for her work must have very little respect for herself. And, yes, we did look closely at the next transcript she handed in and it was the same. We sent it to two proof readers because one could not possibly catch all the errors. What a sad day for all the wonderful court reporters who take such pride in their work and have the image of our profession and our work as court reporting professionals tarnished by such an irresponsible person who claims to be a court reporter.