Court Reporters in New York City

There are various things I look for when I am looking to begin a relationship with a court reporter. All court reporting agencies how their special transcript format and forms which they like filled out and followed. We always email our court reporting agency’s forms and formats. If a court reporter doesn’t understand what is required, what is so difficult to email us and ask. It is a waste of somebody’s time to have to go back and forth after the fact about this type of court reporting procedures. Also, when a court reporter is finished and sending in their transcript, most court reporting agencies have billing systems tied into the court reporter’s invoice. We can’t invoice for the court reporting services provided without knowing what we are being billed for. Why can’t a court reporter get their invoice to us in a timely manner? Once these invoices are submitted to a court reporting firm, we certainly do hear a lot about when this invoice will be paid. Just some pet peeves today.