New York Court Reporting Firms

Still on my favorite subject, jobs in new york city court reporting firms, how to get them and how to lose them. This is a tale of two new new york city court reporters, both anxious to get work and connect with a new york city court reporting agency. As I have mentioned numerous times, I am probably one of the few nyc court reporting firms who will train new court reporters personally. Just my way of giving back to the court reporting world which has been so good to me and my new york city court reporting firm as well as our nationwide court reporting business. air max
I have been working with three, yes, three new reporters. Here is how it goes. I have two very bright and meticulous court reporters, interested in learning whatever they can and producing as nearly perfect transcript as possible. From my prospective, both will be good. However, this is what ultimately happened. One has begun to spread herself among many court reporting agencies and has made herself somewhat unavailable to me by committing to work weeks in advance. In essence, I have to conform to her schedule, not her to our needs. This doesn’t quite work for me since we like to keep the same reporters with our clients and she has made it impossible for us to do that with her. Unfortunately, she had a toe in the door for a very good court reporter position down the road but the door is gradually closing in favor of the other one who is giving me more preferential treatment.

The lesson here is, if you get a break with a good court reporting firm, with good work, be careful how you handle it. These opportunities don’t come around that often in the court reporting field. Many people just don’t recognize opportunity and miss the boat because their minds are just too cluttered.