Court Reporting New York City Jobs

Still blogging away on jobs in the New York City court reporting world. I try to answer all emails regarding jobs in New York City court reporting agencies and court reporting nationwide personally. It takes so little time each day and means so much to the court reporters who are in desperate need of information about how to go about securing court reporting positions. Here are some of my pet peeves and is so telling about why somebody gets a court reporting job or opportunity and the next one doesn’t. If I take the time to answer your emails and calls, you don’t have the time to send a brief thank you? That is a no-brainer. It sure will get you into my court reporting firm’s door. What is so difficult about that concept? Thank everybody for everything and see what happens. And what about the emails I answer and ask for a little more info so I can better answer the questions raised? Amazing the amount of people who never take the time to answer. And, yes, we keep a court reporter database and note all this stuff because if you don’t have the time to answer on this round, you probably won’t have the time to get the work out on time and you will probably be one of the court reporters we have to hound for our transcripts, paperwork and, yes, invoice. We can’t bill without an invoice and, yes, some reporters just don’t get their invoices out quickly and we spend much too much time tracking them down. I think it would do everybody good if the schools put in a required class on good business practices. Just as important as getting the words down right!