Court Reporters New York

I have had the opportunity this year to work with two very talented recently graduated court reporters, who I am personally training. Every once in a while a new court reporter calls, looking to sit in and I try to speak with all the new court reporters, recent graduates of court reporting schools. I get many calls a week, probably because my name comes up on the internet and also my court reporting firm is one of the few New York court reporting firms that will take the time to train a new recent graduate of a court reporting school. Actually, I haven’t had a new court reporter that I was interested in working with for quite some time. Now I have two extremely talented court reporters. So what makes these court reporters so special from the ones who call every day and get nowhere?

They have a passion for learning; they have a passion for perfection. They are meticulous about their work and are like a sponge for knowledge. When I correct something, I will never see the same mistake twice. They fill out every piece of paperwork perfectly and turn their depositions in very fast so there is plenty of time to proofread and correct them. And they are working, making excellent money, and on their way to a wonderful career in court reporting.