Court Reporters New York Jobs

My favorite topic these days is court reporting in new york city, especially concerning new court reporters and how they can best get that toe in the door of the court reporting agency they want to impress. Here is the method one new court reporter in new york used and how it worked out. Yes, we do give her work a few times a month. It really involved basic business and people skills. Obviously, your resume should be done with a lot of care. Yes, we do get mostly sloppy resumes. Ouch! End of the line for this one.

Send a thank you. Yes, thank yous work in the business world. Thanks for taking the time to look at my resume. Any possible occasion, New Year, whatever, about once a month, a short and nice email, please keep me in mind. I would very much like to work with you. Compliments do work! Keep in low-keyed. There is definitely room for new court reporters to get work and move up the ladder in the court reporting firm they choose. Target a court reporting firm; pay attention to it; keep in touch with them in a low-keyed way; make sure there are no typos in your correspondence and be available for whatever court reporting assignment might come up. Most court reporting firms do not want to lose clients so won’t send you someplace over your head. I feel good about 2013 and this seems to be a better year for most firms than 2012.

Hang in there. You picked a great profession, court reporting, and a great career, court reporter, but it take time and effort.