Court Reporters NYC Jobs

Been away for a little while but I still think it is crucial to write about jobs and the thoughts I express as an employer of a new york city court reporting firm are really relevant to all professions. In today’s economy, and having survived in the NYC court reporting agency business for over 30 years, I try to give back and help new court reporters in new york city as well as answering emails from court reporters nationwide.

This is my experience with a new court reporter in NYC this week. A recent court reporter graduate called and wanted to get some more experience sitting in. I spoke to her for a while to get a feel of what this court reporter’s skills were so as not to send her somewhere above her head. My nyc court reporting agency called our court reporter scheduled for the case and the attorneys on both sides to make sure it was okay for a new court reporter to sit in. We are a busy new york court reporting firm. I spent time on the phone with this court reporter and my staff spent time on getting approvals from clients and the court reporter assigned. Got back to this court reporter with all the info. nike air max 2014
Guess what? She never showed; never called and everybody in the room got involved with whether they should wait for her. Amazing right? And court reporters wonder why they don’t get called. This is a first for me in over 30 years. To spend the time and money and somebody gives you an inch in an impossible field to get a half an inch and treat it that way, wow! Actually, I never cease to be amazed by court reporters and their behavior every day of the week.

Tomorrow I will write about the other recent graduate new york court reporter who I also saw this week who I gave a job on the spot!