Court Reporters Getting Paid

Too many times we receive calls from court reporters who are having difficulty getting paid by other court reporting agencies and asking us what to do. Most court reporting agencies are very honest in what they pay and when they pay. However, here are some of the things we do as an agency from we take work from other agencies that we have not worked for. We check their reputation with other agencies in their area. Court reporters should ask their court reporting friends about the court reporting firm. If you are a new reporter, ask your teacher. They probably know about all the court reporting companies. Out-of-state companies, check out the local court reporting associations and contact an officer.. We all have reputations, good, or bad. I know it is tough out there but there is no sense working if you are going to have problems getting paid. You Must check out who you are working with. If it is a last minute call, ask what rates they are paying and what their payment terms are, ie, 15 pays, 30 days. Just say you don’t want to bother them down the line. Do you have to wait until they get paid? Everybody does things differently. With all our years of experience we too have not gotten paid several times by court reporting firms over the course of our business life. Stuff happens!