Realtime Court Reporters

I had always assumed that when a court reporter has achieved real time status that that was an indication of several skills, writing real time and also putting out a certain level of quality in their transcripts. Real time court reporters are the top of our profession and I, like many of my clients, assume that when you are getting a real time court reporter you are also getting a certain level of quality in their transcripts. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Yes, they have mastered the technical skill of writing well real time but in the process these real time court reporters become so assured of their level of skill that they no longer feel the need to proofread their transcripts with the same level of concern as court reporters who are not so sure of their skills. Unfortunately, some of the most corrections we receive back on errata sheets are on real time depositions where I guess the court reporter thought that the feed/rough ascii level of accuracy supersedes the need to put out a higher quality transcript. If you are a real time writer and wonder why you are not getting these great real time cases anymore perhaps it is simply a function that your final transcript is much sloppier than other court reporters who writer poorer but are much more careful in their proofreading.