Thank you For Your Comments

Just want to take today to thank everybody for their wonderful comments about my blog. When I started writing, it was really to add some informational material to my website. With the passing of time, and speaking with many people looking for work, I realized that in my profession, court reporting, there is really very little material to help reporters, who do not read about or go to meetings, learn the real ins-and-outs of our profession.

I have always felt it incumbent upon myself to give back to a profession which has been so good to me. That’s really why I do take the time each day to answer almost all emails and calls from reporters. I do see many personally also. Obviously, sometimes I am just not in the mood. Life gets in the way. But as I have said many times, persistence pays. You might just catch me on one of my very good days and get a lot of personal attention and information.

And I guess I am very disappointed in how few people give back in ways that are unnoticed and un-publicized.