What’s The Difference In Court Reporting Agencies?

Most students entering the court reporting world, or for that matter any profession, for the first time never give a thought to the differences in court reporting agencies. Like anything else in today’s highly specialized world, everybody is an expert, and, yes, court reporters are different and so are the court reporting firms that they work for. Before you send out a resume to a firm, I would strongly suggest you do some research and see the type of work they do. It is so easy now, check out their website. New court reporters are wasting everybody’s time if they send a resume to a firm which is marketing itself as a real time firm. New court reporters should look for firms that have easier, simpler work for them to start with and learn from. Unfortunately, most firms are too busy getting clients and collecting their money than to work with new reporters. Sad but true. There is very little of a give-back philosophy in our highly competitive world.

What is the simpler work? From my prospective, it is work that is billed out at lower rates because price is the driving motivation, not necessarily quality. As in everything, quality costs more. Who are the clients without the deep pockets or who are the clients do don’t like spending money? You figure it out. Not too hard. In court reporting firms where lower price is the driving factor in their client base, don’t expect to get paid the rates you may have heard floating around in school. You are taking a job to learn and gain experience. Compensation is not, or rather should not, be your prime motivator. It takes time to hone your skills. As your skills improve so will your paycheck.