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Court Reporting Services

Court reporting agencies offer many different types of court reporting services based on all the new technology that has been available to court reporters when they started taking testimony down on computerized stenographic machines.

The advent of the computer has enabled court reporter firms to put transcripts in electronic format and enable law firms to upload these files onto their computers.

The format that these electronic files are delivered has changed over the years. We used to send ascii files on floppy disks. As with all computer technology, floppy disks and floppy disk drives were replaced by CD-ROM disks and CD-ROM drives.

Computers no longer have floppy disk drives. What will ultimately replace our CD-ROM disk is unknown. But, for sure, there will be new technology for all of us to buy.

I have always found it very interesting watching the evolution of computer technology in the court reporting profession and how long any technology stays around before something new and “better” is there for us to buy. Hopefully, in these difficult economic times, CD-ROM technology and drives will be around for a while. nike outlet