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Court Reporting LinkedIn

I often turn to LinkedIn to find court reporters and court reporting companies in areas that I do not know any court reporters, videographers or court reporting firms. There is a lot of activity in the court reporting industry on LinkedIn. I find many discussion groups that many court reporters participate in. I also have found that there are many court reporters, court reporting companies and people who do business with court reporting firms on LinkedIn. I have also found many employees at all different levels members of LinkedIn. So since my favorite topic lately has been trying to give some advice on how to get jobs, well, certainly put up your professional court reporting or videographer profile on LinkedIn. I was really surprised to see how much activity the court reporting community has on this website.

Court Reporters New York Jobs

My favorite topic these days is court reporting in new york city, especially concerning new court reporters and how they can best get that toe in the door of the court reporting agency they want to impress. Here is the method one new court reporter in new york used and how it worked out. Yes, we do give her work a few times a month. It really involved basic business and people skills. Obviously, your resume should be done with a lot of care. Yes, we do get mostly sloppy resumes. Ouch! End of the line for this one.

Send a thank you. Yes, thank yous work in the business world. Thanks for taking the time to look at my resume. Any possible occasion, New Year, whatever, about once a month, a short and nice email, please keep me in mind. I would very much like to work with you. Compliments do work! Keep in low-keyed. There is definitely room for new court reporters to get work and move up the ladder in the court reporting firm they choose. Target a court reporting firm; pay attention to it; keep in touch with them in a low-keyed way; make sure there are no typos in your correspondence and be available for whatever court reporting assignment might come up. Most court reporting firms do not want to lose clients so won’t send you someplace over your head. I feel good about 2013 and this seems to be a better year for most firms than 2012.

Hang in there. You picked a great profession, court reporting, and a great career, court reporter, but it take time and effort.

Court Reporters NYC Jobs

Been away for a little while but I still think it is crucial to write about jobs and the thoughts I express as an employer of a new york city court reporting firm are really relevant to all professions. In today’s economy, and having survived in the NYC court reporting agency business for over 30 years, I try to give back and help new court reporters in new york city as well as answering emails from court reporters nationwide.

This is my experience with a new court reporter in NYC this week. A recent court reporter graduate called and wanted to get some more experience sitting in. I spoke to her for a while to get a feel of what this court reporter’s skills were so as not to send her somewhere above her head. My nyc court reporting agency called our court reporter scheduled for the case and the attorneys on both sides to make sure it was okay for a new court reporter to sit in. We are a busy new york court reporting firm. I spent time on the phone with this court reporter and my staff spent time on getting approvals from clients and the court reporter assigned. Got back to this court reporter with all the info. nike air max 2014
Guess what? She never showed; never called and everybody in the room got involved with whether they should wait for her. Amazing right? And court reporters wonder why they don’t get called. This is a first for me in over 30 years. To spend the time and money and somebody gives you an inch in an impossible field to get a half an inch and treat it that way, wow! Actually, I never cease to be amazed by court reporters and their behavior every day of the week.

Tomorrow I will write about the other recent graduate new york court reporter who I also saw this week who I gave a job on the spot!

Court Reporters New York

I have had the opportunity this year to work with two very talented recently graduated court reporters, who I am personally training. Every once in a while a new court reporter calls, looking to sit in and I try to speak with all the new court reporters, recent graduates of court reporting schools. I get many calls a week, probably because my name comes up on the internet and also my court reporting firm is one of the few New York court reporting firms that will take the time to train a new recent graduate of a court reporting school. Actually, I haven’t had a new court reporter that I was interested in working with for quite some time. Now I have two extremely talented court reporters. So what makes these court reporters so special from the ones who call every day and get nowhere?

They have a passion for learning; they have a passion for perfection. They are meticulous about their work and are like a sponge for knowledge. When I correct something, I will never see the same mistake twice. They fill out every piece of paperwork perfectly and turn their depositions in very fast so there is plenty of time to proofread and correct them. And they are working, making excellent money, and on their way to a wonderful career in court reporting.

Court Reporting New York City Jobs

Still blogging away on jobs in the New York City court reporting world. I try to answer all emails regarding jobs in New York City court reporting agencies and court reporting nationwide personally. It takes so little time each day and means so much to the court reporters who are in desperate need of information about how to go about securing court reporting positions. Here are some of my pet peeves and is so telling about why somebody gets a court reporting job or opportunity and the next one doesn’t. If I take the time to answer your emails and calls, you don’t have the time to send a brief thank you? That is a no-brainer. It sure will get you into my court reporting firm’s door. What is so difficult about that concept? Thank everybody for everything and see what happens. And what about the emails I answer and ask for a little more info so I can better answer the questions raised? Amazing the amount of people who never take the time to answer. And, yes, we keep a court reporter database and note all this stuff because if you don’t have the time to answer on this round, you probably won’t have the time to get the work out on time and you will probably be one of the court reporters we have to hound for our transcripts, paperwork and, yes, invoice. We can’t bill without an invoice and, yes, some reporters just don’t get their invoices out quickly and we spend much too much time tracking them down. I think it would do everybody good if the schools put in a required class on good business practices. Just as important as getting the words down right!

New York Court Reporting Firms

Still on my favorite subject, jobs in new york city court reporting firms, how to get them and how to lose them. This is a tale of two new new york city court reporters, both anxious to get work and connect with a new york city court reporting agency. As I have mentioned numerous times, I am probably one of the few nyc court reporting firms who will train new court reporters personally. Just my way of giving back to the court reporting world which has been so good to me and my new york city court reporting firm as well as our nationwide court reporting business. air max
I have been working with three, yes, three new reporters. Here is how it goes. I have two very bright and meticulous court reporters, interested in learning whatever they can and producing as nearly perfect transcript as possible. From my prospective, both will be good. However, this is what ultimately happened. One has begun to spread herself among many court reporting agencies and has made herself somewhat unavailable to me by committing to work weeks in advance. In essence, I have to conform to her schedule, not her to our needs. This doesn’t quite work for me since we like to keep the same reporters with our clients and she has made it impossible for us to do that with her. Unfortunately, she had a toe in the door for a very good court reporter position down the road but the door is gradually closing in favor of the other one who is giving me more preferential treatment.

The lesson here is, if you get a break with a good court reporting firm, with good work, be careful how you handle it. These opportunities don’t come around that often in the court reporting field. Many people just don’t recognize opportunity and miss the boat because their minds are just too cluttered.

Court Reporters in New York City

There are various things I look for when I am looking to begin a relationship with a court reporter. All court reporting agencies how their special transcript format and forms which they like filled out and followed. We always email our court reporting agency’s forms and formats. If a court reporter doesn’t understand what is required, what is so difficult to email us and ask. It is a waste of somebody’s time to have to go back and forth after the fact about this type of court reporting procedures. Also, when a court reporter is finished and sending in their transcript, most court reporting agencies have billing systems tied into the court reporter’s invoice. We can’t invoice for the court reporting services provided without knowing what we are being billed for. Why can’t a court reporter get their invoice to us in a timely manner? Once these invoices are submitted to a court reporting firm, we certainly do hear a lot about when this invoice will be paid. Just some pet peeves today.

Court Reporters New York City

Unfortunately, recently my New York City court reporting agency had submitted to it by a stenographic court reporter by far the worst transcript I have seen in my 30 plus years in the court reporting industry. Why did we learn of this? The transcript was sent back by a diligent paralegal who sent pages and pages of corrections. When we looked further into this, we realized these are some of the things, yes, hard to believe, that we found. Most proper names were misspelled. There was no spell check done. How in this digital world a court reporter doesn’t take the minute or two to do a spell check is beyond my comprehension. But the most amazing thing this court reporter did was make up words. Our resourceful court reporter would put sounds together and form a word. Actually, this court reporter had quite the imagination of making up words. The damage a court reporter like this does to our court reporting industry is devastating. I personally am horrified and cannot understand how somebody can have such a lack of responsibility for her work product and the profession she represents. I can only imagine how she conducts the rest of her life and in a way anybody which such little respect for her work must have very little respect for herself. And, yes, we did look closely at the next transcript she handed in and it was the same. We sent it to two proof readers because one could not possibly catch all the errors. What a sad day for all the wonderful court reporters who take such pride in their work and have the image of our profession and our work as court reporting professionals tarnished by such an irresponsible person who claims to be a court reporter.

New Court Reporters In New York City

We always try to help a new court reporting get started in the court reporting world. Not surprisingly, most new court reporters in New York City are not familiar with the appropriate procedures in picking up work from different court reporting agencies. Each agency has their own guidelines and their own thoughts on punctuation. Best to ask for a court reporting agency’s format or any guidance they can give you regarding how they like their transcripts prepared. Things that vary in different court reporting agencies are how many lines per page, margins and indentations for Q & A and colloquy. Most court reporting agencies like to have conformity in the way their transcripts. Plus I am sure the court reporting agency you are working for will appreciate your interest in using their format.

Court Reporters

ow our industry of court reporting has changed and certainly pursuing a court reporting career has changed even more. Court Reporting has changed significantly over the years, the most recent development, in our New York metropolitan area, has changed from one of a great shortage of court reporters to court reporters not getting enough work, or any work at all. Many court reporting students graduating are having a real hard time getting quality jobs with quality court reporting firms. There are just a lot of skilled court reporters around and many court reporting agencies do not take the time to bring a newcomer on board. I have always felt it important, being a member of the court reporting community, to help students get started. We have always had a recent graduate on staff to mentor and many of my recent graduates are still with me 20 years later. How to land a job at the court reporting agency of your choice? Well, check back for more info how to land that internship and position you have studied so hard for.